We did it! We marched, we made our voices heard, but our work will not end on April 22nd, this is just the beginning. We hope you will stay to continue what we started.

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This is very important. Please go to this webpage for more info

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March for Science

We marched.
now, we act!

Science for Everyone

Dear fellow grad students and people passionate about education: We are distressed about the impact the proposed tax bill will have on all graduate students throughout the country. Specifically, graduate students given tuition tax waivers. 

There is a nationwide walkout (#gradtaxwalkout) on Wednesday November 29th at 12:00pm CST. Join us in this national walkout to show just how important graduate students are to science, higher education, public policy, and healthcare.

Looking for a LOCAL event hosted at your school or in your area? Sign up HERE to receive info about YOUR local grad tax walkout/rally! 

Interested in ORGANIZING a local walkout/rally at your school? Lead the way! We'll connect you with other supporters in your zip code to help promote your event HERE.

Connect with a fellow student organizer for advice and help HERE!

For more information go to: https://gradtaxwalkout.wixsite.com/walkout
Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/300955367071512/

March information

DATE: April 22, 2017
LOCATION: Start: Sam Houston Park
End: Houston City Hall
Route: Check Event Information Tab
TIME: 11:00 AM

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