We did it! We marched, we made our voices heard, but our work will not end on April 22nd, this is just the beginning. We hope you will stay to continue what we started.

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First Update

March 20, 2017

We hope you are all excited for the March for Science - Houston on April 22nd! As the organizers, we have been hard at work behind the scenes, making sure that this march will be an amazing and educational experience for all fellow science-minded people. With all of your support, we are confident that we can make a powerful statement about the valuable role science plays in our society.

We would like to share the following progress updates with everyone:

  1. We have submitted applications with the city for the march venue and are awaiting approval. City officials are still recovering from the Super Bowl, but we were assured by the Women’s March organizers that once the ball gets rolling, the approval process is quite fast.

  2. We have created teams, staffed by volunteers, who are working on safety, accessibility, diversity, speaker outreach, social media and media/PR responsibilities. Our volunteers are composed of a mixture of scientists, STEM educators, industry professionals and science enthusiasts.

  3. We are processing requests for Teach-In tables, including from the American Chemical Society and Exploration Green, so we can make this march an educational experience that embodies the true STEM experience!

  4. Details for our fundraising campaign to cover march-related costs will be finalized soon!

  5. In order to leave behind clean streets, we have partnered with the nonprofit organization Trashy Girls, so that we can create an environmentally friendly cleanup and recycling plan.

  6. After we march we will hear from speakers from our local scientific community, some of the scientists we have confirmed are:  Huda Zoghbi, M.D., Patrice O. Yarbough, PhD, Andreas Tolias, PhD, and Annika O'Brien, Celebrity Roboticist. The support and enthusiasm we’ve seen from all of you is humbling, awe-inspiring, and a true testament to the power of the people to effect change. We are deeply honored to have the privilege of marching with all of you on April 22nd.

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

Your March for Science – Houston Organizers.

March information

DATE: April 22, 2017
LOCATION: Start: Sam Houston Park
End: Houston City Hall
Route: Check Event Information Tab
TIME: 11:00 AM

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