We did it! We marched, we made our voices heard, but our work will not end on April 22nd, this is just the beginning. We hope you will stay to continue what we started.

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Deaf Latina mom works through pain syndrome to lead March for Science - Houston.

Alejandra Ruley puts in 84+ hours a week organizing MFS - Houston while dealing with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Co-Directorr and fellow Latina, Madison Logan, helps Alejandra overcome the communication challenges that being Deaf presents.

Houston, Tx- When Alejandra Ruley saw news reports about a gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency, she was outraged. As a Deaf Latina suffering from CRPS, her life has been greatly impacted by advancements in science as researchers and doctors work to find the cause and cure of the mysterious condition.

When someone shared the March for Science DC link on her Facebook page, she saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the role science plays in our everyday lives.

Alejandra started the Facebook group “March for Science – Houston” that grew to 1,000 members in the first 24 hours. A movement was born, and the group now has over 7,700 members.

“After the first week, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work and effort involved in planning the march so I appointed Madison Logan as the march co-Director. Since then, we have spent countless hours on March for Science - Houston” said Ruley.

In 2014, Ruley was diagnosed with an unspecified Mitochondrial Disorder. In 2016, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Ruley goes to the Texas Medical Center about once a month to get treatment.

This has not stopped her from leading a march that has over 100 volunteers and must represent all facets of science in the Houston region while staying true to its nonpartisan mission.

When Ruley isn’t working with City of Houston officials about march logistics, she is talking to t-shirt vendors, contacting speakers or responding to messages from volunteers. As a wife and mother of a five-year-old, juggling it all is a delicate balancing act.

Luckily she has great chemistry with fellow MFS - Houston Director Madison Logan, who helps her keep track of it all.

“Working with Alejandra has been an eye-opening experience! She is one of the nicest, hardest working people I have ever met. The way she balances her daily life and directs March for Science - Houston is truly inspirational. She faces more obstacles than the average person, yet she never lets her medical challenges keep her from accomplishing her goals” said Logan.

WHAT: March for Science - Houston

WHEN: April 22, 2017

WHERE: Downtown Houston


For additional information contact: Ray Ruiz, Media Relations Committee Lead, 713-478-5945,



March information

DATE: April 22, 2017
LOCATION: Start: Sam Houston Park
End: Houston City Hall
Route: Check Event Information Tab
TIME: 11:00 AM

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